How can I connect with GTH Church?

WHEN: 1st Sunday of each month lunch after service.
WHAT: We welcome new attenders and share GTH vision.
WHERE: Fellowship Hall

WHEN: 2nd Sunday morning 9:00am
WHAT: Helps guide you through the essential beliefs that every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ.
WHERE: Fellowship Hall

WHEN: 3rd Sunday of each month lunch after service.
WHAT: Discover your spiritual gifts & passions to help you find your purpose in life and how God combines them for the best fit for you in ministry.
WHERE: Fellowship Hall

WHEN: 4th Sunday evening of month @ 6pm.
WHAT: Attend an orientation and training session in the ministry area that best fits your gifts and passions.
WHERE: Fellowship Hall

Come join or team, complete the i-Serve classes and get connected.


We ask that each family RSVP so we can prepare for you.

You can register by phone 334.774.7677 or email