Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown

Administrative Pastor of Counseling & Road To Recovery Director - Pastoral Care

Joseph Brown, a true servant leader, has been called to the Body of Christ for such a time as this. His pastoral oversight includes, The Road to Recovery Center and Meeting, Elder, The Altar Room Team, Guest Transportation Ministry, Care Ministry and Bereavement Ministry.

Joseph is known for his love of God’s revealed word and his gift of delivering spiritual wisdom. Joseph is a very strong advocate of supporting the vision of the house and makes himself available for whatever task is needed to assist in fulfilling that vision.

In his strides towards education, Joseph received a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from Grambling University. He has also received a Certificate of Training from Creation Therapy Counseling, as well as a Certificate of Training in Evangelism Explosion.

In addition to his work at Glory To Him, for the past 34 years , Joseph has worked as an Army Aviation Lead Technician at Fort Rucker, Alabama. This has created an awesome opportunity to share the gospel to hurting people and those in need of a Savior.

Joseph joined Glory to Him in 1994, was licensed for ministry and ordained as an elder in 2006. In 2014 he was ordained as Administrative Pastor of Counseling. Since 2005 he has served faithfully alongside Bishop Scott Hannen as a servant leader. Joseph has been involved in numerous ministerial programs during his tenure at Glory To Him, including youth ministry, music ministry, security ministry, street evangelism, and prison ministry. Joseph is a devoted family man and father. He and his wife, Rosalind, have been married for over 33 years and both share in his call to ministry. Together they have one son and one daughter.