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Faith-Time Continuum

Learn how to exercise your faith and when to realize what you're in faith for.

Have Faith

Have you ever been believing God for something, set your faith and purposed in your heart, and you’ve come to the conclusion that this thing is the best for your life? And as far as your understanding of God’s Word is concerned, you believe it is God’s will, so, you believe you feel a divine connection and are confirmed in what you believe and step out on faith. And when you make that commitment of faith, and you plan it to go one direction, suddenly it goes the opposite way.

Maybe as a result, you start to pray and ask God for understanding, or maybe even ask Him to hurry up the process so you can get where you want to go in faith quicker. But the truth is that you don’t understand how things can come so clearly, you can make a positive step in the right direction, but yet you can be diametrically opposed from the direction that faith is supposed to take you.

The Continuum

Why do you feel that way? Why does it happen? Well, if God says one thing, is it going to pass? If you pray this direction, and God sends you that direction, should you be concerned? If God said it, will it come to pass? So, why do you care what direction you are going, or, rather, how it appears.

The truth is we are basing everything based on what we see, and because we aren’t seeing things lining up, then we think somehow God didn’t hear us. The truth may very well be that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to. Remember, there are two forces at work, and one of them is the great deceiver. He can make things look a certain way which appear completely different from how they really are.

Time-Continuum – the continuum of experience in which events pass from future through the present to the past.

When God spoke His Word, the faith-time continuum was formed. In 6 days, He created all of creation, and rested on the 7th day.

Hebrews 11:3 – "the worlds were framed by the Word of God"

In God’s Word, everything is set in a Faith-Time-Continuum. When God speaks it, there’s something that’s happening, and because of the time that elapses when we move to the next event, that thing that was happening has now happened and creates a past.

The Faith of Abram

If God speaks something now, it becomes the present. As soon as speaks the next thing, that first thing He spoke became the past. So, we now have present and past. But God also speaks to the future. When God speaks, He’s always speaking towards something. At the moment the Word is coming out of His mouth, He’s speaking to the future. The moment it happens it’s in the present. The moment He speaks again, it’s already in the past. That is the Faith-Time-Continuum

God spoke to Abram many times, but when He did, God always spoke to his future, present and past. He told Abram to observe the stars in the sky and sand in the desert, and told him that he would have as many descendants as the stars in the sky or the grains of sand in the desert (scripture). That was speaking to his future. God also told Abram that those who bless him would be blessed, and those who cursed him would be cursed (scripture). By the time Abram began walking in God’s Word, and someone blessed him, and they were blessed, or someone cursed him and they were cursed, that became Abram’s past.

Living a Life of Faith

The longer you walk with God, the more meaningful your past becomes because the longer you walk with God, your past becomes tied to your future. Your past is now in Him. Faith-Time-Continuum is the moment when God speaks something, you hear it and begin to walk in it, and when it speaks, it’s set. Your future, present and past are ordered right now. The moment you start walking in it, it become manifested, so, you walk to the next Word, to the next Word, and as you continue living a life of faith, you will structure your life the way God’s Word structured the worlds. Then, you can look into that Word at any time, and you can see your direction; your steps are ordered of God.

So, if I want to be walking with God and I don’t understand what I’m seeing in my future, then I look to my past, and I can see where He was faithful there, so now I can predict my future. Why did Paul say of all the gifts to pray for, pray for prophecy (scripture)? Pray for the gift that speaks to the future because that’s where God speaks. And in that future, the present and the past has already been planned.

He spoke to his future and his past. If you’re walking towards God’s future in the present creating the past, that means that God is before you, with you, and He has your back!