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The Truth on Health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle extends beyond faith. Practical application plays a role as well.


How many of you know that currently in the arena of science, that we don’t really know what causes cancer, therefore we can’t find a cure. Have you heard me teach on things that cause cancer? How about the top three killers: heart disease, cancer and stroke? Well, #3 just got replaced. Now doctors’ mistakes  number three on the list: wrong medication, wrong procedures, malpractice, neglect. Do we want to depend on doctors for our health? Do we want to depend on a system that’s overloaded, overwhelmed and underpaid?

What you don't know...

When you teach the word of God, you have to teach the whole man: spirit, soul and body. Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge doesn’t come from not receiving knowledge (some people just don’t receive knowledge); God is chastising the people because they had rejected the knowledge they had been given.

The thought is that “I’ll just believe God, so that stuff won’t happen to me.” We know that if you don’t drink water for three months, you simply will not make it the entire three months. You can pray, intercede, angels can visit you, you won’t make it. There are limitations of matter. That isn’t to say that God couldn’t intervene, but if there were a purpose for this in your life where you didn’t have an alternative, that would change faith, and if God decided, then you would make it. But knowing that at any time you could simply go get a drink of water, you will not make it.

There's truth in numbers

We get the facts and we ignore them. We understand, but are we doing it? So, let’s get some perspective. Current statistics say that the number one way that you will die, if you do nothing different, will be from heart disease. Cancer is now killing one out of three people. These statistics were made when they polled church people as well as un-churched people. No matter how good you confess, no matter how spiritual you are, if you don’t drink water for three months, you will perish.

Luke 12:48 - For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. God is simply saying, “I’m giving you the knowledge, why are you rejecting life?

If you are entrusted with a bountiful amount of knowledge, what happens to the requirement and expectation on your life? It goes up! Much is required for us so we don’t become a statistic.

The number one worst substance that you could put in your body on a regular basis is sugar. It’s so amazing to me that people will laugh and ask me if they can have it at the next party. You can have whatever you want. You can have razor blades and slit your wrist – it’s a free world; razor blades and slitting your wrist is a lot faster way of doing the same thing. My job is to lead you to make an informed choice. When I stand before God in Heaven, I have to answer for the fact that I led you down the path of health, not told you what to do and how to live your life.

In the church world, we don’t drink, smoke or cuss, but, bless God, we can eat! For some reason, when you put all the “good stuff” on the list to avoid, people don’t like it. Who said it was “good”? If you ask me, the good stuff is a fresh, ripe piece of cantaloupe that is ice cold, with watermelon on a hot summer day! A nice steak on the grill or some fish is just how God made it. You can train yourself either way. You can train yourself to eat the garbage in this world, that is programmed through addiction centers in your brain for you to like it, or you live on something that was designed for you to heal you. These foods were designed to keep you whole and healthy – eat meat, the vegetables and herbs were God’s original design. It’s amazing that when you eat those things, you can get excited instead of looking over the fence and constantly desiring to eat that garbage.

Make the healthier choice

Make a fist, and that is how big your stomach is. Let’s talk about hand portions. When you eat a portion the size of the palm of your hand of each variety of food, you’ll be full. When you eat a balanced meal that has the enzymes and the food is not dead food, your body will be satisfied. How many of you eat things out of bags and boxes? People love to eat Doritos with nacho cheese, but it’s “not yo” cheese because there isn’t any cheese in it. When farmers fatten up livestock, they use corn to do so. When you eat corn chips and other things that are full of MSG and salt, you are fattening yourself up.

Eat on the outside of the grocery store – fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy. When you are finished, please go home. There are supermodel cut-outs on the aisle holding ding-dongs trying to get you to come down the aisle. To make it worse, there is a lady there cooking samples of the garbage. And you wonder why you feel so bad an hour later? Only go down the middle aisles if you need toiletries, etc.

If you would just follow that and drink water, you would be so much better off. You are 60-70% water. How many of you like colored drinks? Why do you suppose they made the drinks red or orange? Because they are made to taste like oranges and cherries. Why not go get some oranges, cherries, bananas, etc and you would get all of the enzymes and not get all of the sugar? 

When Splenda is finished processing in your body, it leaves a substance that we use to clean our pools with. Have you ever had mildew and algae grow around your pool? What do you spray it with? Chlorine. Now you see what chlorine does to algae, have you ever gotten it on your skin and didn’t wash it off? It will burn you. When you finish digesting that Splenda, it leaves chlorine to flow through your bloodstream into your tissues and your brain cells. Do you really want that stuff in your body? Sometimes we have to make the right choice. You can drink stevia and still have your sweet. Don’t overuse it, just use enough to sweeten the palate, and over time, believe it or not, your palate will adapt. Overall, if you want to stop the inflammation and oxidation in your body, you have to eat right! 

Choose life

It’s frustrating when people say, “Well, I’d like to do it but I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive.” Funerals are expensive! Premature funerals are very expensive because everyone is caught off guard. I will make financial cuts everywhere else in my life to buy good quality and healthy food. If you’re not healthy, what good is all of the “stuff” in your life? I have no problem paying for good food and quality supplements. What better commodity do you have to invest in than yourself? 

So, if you have the knowledge, what good is it if you reject it? You are still destroyed! If we take the knowledge, receive it and apply it, we will make it because we have something to stand on. People want to stand on the Word when they have no foundation of it in their life.

We can walk in divine health when we receive God’s knowledge.